IFS Optimization

ERP Optimization Makes Your Business Run Better

Choosing the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a momentous responsibility. Part of the ERP selection process is establishing goals for the system based on your organization’s needs. Once you’ve chosen the right ERP and the implementation (another huge undertaking) is complete, you can exhale and enjoy this marvellous new system without any future worries, right? Wrong.

Your relationship with your ERP vendor should not end once the implementation is complete. If an ERP is not analysed for performance on an ongoing basis it can become stagnant, or in the worst case, actually hinder your organization because it no longer reflects or reports the true state of business operations. This happens over time, but in extreme cases can begin in a matter of months. An ERP is an enormous investment of time and money and must be analysed for performance and properly maintained, just like any other critical part of your business. This is where an ERP optimization project comes in.

We at IFS Solusi Integrasi has list of experience in helping our customer create IT/ERP Blueprint/Roadmap. We analysed existing ERP Process to address known gaps in the system or expose unknown ones so they can be addressed. An optimization may reveal productivity issues that an enhancement or development can alleviate, improving efficiency for optimal performance and results. ERP optimization can help keep your business profitable, on the cutting edge, and ahead of the competition.

Beside Blueprint/Roadmap, we can also help you in integrating your IFS Applications with latest technology such as Internet of things (IoT), Augmented and Mixed reality (AR/MR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Business Intelligence (BI) and many more.


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