ISI held a webinar on how companies deal with changes and uncertainties related to the world’s pandemic. The current pandemic problem changes company priorities and consumer behaviors. Therefore, companies must continue to be innovative, adaptive, and agile to seize opportunities and win the competition. Some companies seem to get a windfall, flooded with orders, and some struggle to survive or even die. In this seminar, Thomas D. Susmantoro, as president director of IFS Solusi Integrasi (ISI), provided a sharing on how to utilize today’s technology to prepare and immediately seize the opportunities that exist. Currently, companies need an information system capability to anticipate changes in production processes and sales patterns, the application of advanced automation (robots, RPA, AI, cognitive services, etc.), and IT infrastructure readiness, including preparing for cyber security hazards.


Hin Fatt, IFS Principal Account Director, conveyed the importance of efforts to upgrade the information system used to benefit from innovation, new functions and process improvements. If the upgrade is not carried out, it will increase company costs, higher risks, limited support related to outdated operations and user experience. As a leading provider of business ERP solutions, IFS always commit to continue conducting research and innovation to help companies using the solution work more efficiently and have a competitive advantage over its competitors. IFS also offers a cloud solution with a subscription model that provides more benefits such as: changing CAPEX to OPEX, predictable cash outlay, the evergreen platform with the latest capability and technology, platform reliability, and simplification (opportunity to clean up years of complex perpetual contacts to be eliminated unused licenses).


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