IFS Supply Chain Management™

A single integrated solution to your complex business requirements

Beyond the jargon of lean, agile, just-in-time (JIT) and a host of other buzzwords lies one of the salient truths about your supply chain. To benefit your business, it has to work as smoothly as possible perhaps more than ever before. Today the ability to cope with the speed of changes in the market while
controlling costs in an increasingly globalized environment is paramount to doing business successfully. So ask yourself a few questions.

Are your forecasts accurate enough to enable you to accelerate as demand increases and slow down in time when demand is weaker or intermittent?

Is your supply chain so transparent that you can overview your entire multi-site enterprise with the same degree of accuracy as you would a single site? Can you make reliable promises to your customers and deliver on them?

Can you track every single part in your inventory, whether it’s in a warehouse or on the road in a van? Are you doing all this and cutting costs? And finally, can you do all the above in a single integrated suite of enterprise software that lets you grow and change as the market fluctuates?

If you’re facing any or all of these challenges, then take a closer look at IFS Applications™, and more specifically IFS Supply Chain Management. A single integrated solution that covers all your supply chain needs, brings you closer to the heart of your business and keeps you ahead of your competitors.